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We Just Became Supercharged!!! Find out how....

We Just Became Supercharged!!! Find out how....
By Jordan Crispin 4 years ago 7455 Views No comments

Got Speed? We Just Became Supercharged!

We would like to say a quick thank you to everyone who was patient while we upgraded our servers.

A website/server upgrade was long overdue and has been in the works for a while now.
So without further delay we would like to welcome you a brand new website custom built in house by the Limitless Vape team (Brandon and Jordan).
That’s right, the same guys who mix, bottle, label your e-juice and ship your vape mail direct to your door put in the hard yards to bring you the best performing vape store website in Australia.

Our new Dedicated Linux Server Enviroment based out of the top data centre in Sydney is now serving our brand new website which is fully functional but we are not done yet!!!
Over the next few weeks/month’s you will notice a TON of changes coming your way with loads of functionality.
Most of all bucket load of New e-juice flavours will be rolling out of our lab for you to fall in love with.

We hope you enjoy the massive upgrades we have made to our hosting environment to bring you a high level of browsing satisfaction when shopping for your favourite e-liquid brands.

With love, The Limitless Vape Tech Team.
Brandon Gross & Jordan Crispin