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COVID-19 Stimulus Package

Limitless Vape - Covid-19 Stimulus Package.
Ends 31st May 2020.

It has been a very hard, stressful and sad time for people all over the world, including many Australians who have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.
We have been one of the lucky industries that have been able to remain open through all of the Covid-19 restrictions put in place by our Government.
This has enabled us to continue trading and more importantly continue to employ our small work force through the crisis. 

This would not be possible without YOU, our loyal customers.

We are deeply thankful for your continued support and for shopping with us through this time.
We have put together a small package to say thank you to everyone and to give a little back to the community that supports us.

The COVID-19 Stimulus Package Details.

$15 Of Free E-Juice For Everyone! 

For all existing customers, we have added $15 worth of store credit as rewards points added to your account.
For all new customers, we will add $15 worth of store credit as rewards points to your account when you sign up on our website.  

These rewards points can be redeemed on any of our Limitless Vape - House E-juice Lines.
With our discounted E-Juice prices below everyone will be able to receive a 60ml bottle of E-Juice for free. 


Heavily discounted E-Juice (Double UP without the fuss.)

To make things super simple we have discounted the price of ALL E-Juice on our website.
You can now purchase DOUBLE THE VOLUME at the existing price for 60ml bottles and up.

Over 250 different E-Juices Flavours from 31 Lines to choose from!
All manufactured here in our facility in South Australia. 

All 30ml Bottles: 10% off RRP!

All 60ml Bottles: For the price of a 30ml.

All 120ml Bottles: For the price of a 60ml.

All 250ml Bottles: For the price of a 120ml.

All 500ml Bottles: For the price of a 250ml.

ALL 1000ml Bottles: For the price of a 500ml.

What if I am a membership account holder? 

Your membership discount will be stacked ON TOP of the discounted prices. 

For example:
Platinum Membership Account holders will be able to purchase a 1000ml bottle for the price of a 500ml bottle + a 35% Discount.

Our base price for a 1000ml Bottle of Vape Hero - Guava & Cactus is $149.95
During our Covid-19 Stimulus Package this 1000ml bottle has been reduced to the price of a 500ml for EVERYONE at  $99.95
Platinum Membership Account holders will receive an additional 35% Off the Discounted price, allowing you to purchase a 1000ml Bottle of Vape Hero E-juice for an incredible $64.97

Fore more information on Membership discounts click here.   

The Limitless Vape Covid-19 Stimulus Package will End on the 31st of May 2020.